Opening Conference


Political scientist and PhD from the University of Zaragoza. Cristina Monge’s areas of interest are sustainability and democratic quality. She is particularly interested in governance for the ecological transition, on which she is working at research centres of the ilk of Globernance, BC3 and itdUPM, and also as an advisor for Ecodes and the Renovables Foundation.

Cristina Monge

Carlos Mataix


A full professor at the Department of Organisation Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Madrid, Carlos Mataix lectures on the Master’s Degree in Strategies and Technologies for Development and is the Director of the Centre for Innovation in Technology for Human Development at that university (itdUPM). Carlos was the co-founder of Ingeniería Sin Fronteras (Engineers Without Borders) and Vice-President of the Coordinator of Spanish Development NGOs.

Round Table on the Integration of SDGs: Company Experiences



The Basque Government’s Director of Digital Transformation and Entrepreneurship. After graduating in Economics and Business Science from Deusto Business University and a Post-Graduate in European Studies from the Catholic University of Leuven, Leyre Madariaga’s career has focused on international relations, in particular on marketing services with high levels of technology.

Leyre Madariaga
Marco Zurita


Marketing and Development Manager at the UN Global Compact Spain. Graduate in Business Administration and Management, and specialising in marketing. Marco Zurita has been a member of the UN Global Compact Spain team since 2011. In the Marketing Department, he is in charge of coordinating and managing relations with the signatories and all the stakeholders in the initiative, preparing and implementing recruitment strategies and the marketing action plan.


Sustainable Development Manager at Bolton Food. Graduate in Political Science. For 18 years, Helena worked for organisations belonging to the United Nation system – UNESCO Panama, UNESCO Centre of the Basque Country and the Spanish UNICEF Committee – where she coordinated international cooperation projects and managed institutional relations and public-private partnerships. In 2018, she joined the team of the Italian multinational Bolton Food, Bolton Group’s Canned Fish Unit, as the Sustainability Manager.

Jose Luis Fragueiro


Director Director of Quality, Environment and Prevention of ZIV
Applications and Technology.
Degree in Industrial Engineering from ETSIIT in Bilbao, and Executive MBA from ESEUNE. His professional career is linked to ZIV since its inception in 1993, where he has held relevant positions in the areas of Engineering and Quality. He currently directs the department globally and is a member of the ZIV Group Management Committee.

International Park of reference in the
integration of the SDG


CEO of Ideon Open. Graduate in Business Administration at Lund University, specializing in Strategic Management. 20+ years of international business experience from leadership roles in Mars Inc, Ericsson and Sony. Founder and CEO of startup venture WalkMeHome with global ambitions and reach. Board member in tech startup Terranet. A passionate leader with focus on sustainable innovation and entrepreneurship. Currently in charge of Ideon Open – one of the key components of Ideon Science Park in Lund, Sweden.

Arne Hansson
Anna Taussi


Innovation Specialist in UNOPS S3i Innovation Centre in Sweden. Works with activities related to the SDG Innovation Community, helping members achieve real impact. Her background is in impact communications and business development from the field of global marketing. Prior to moving to Denmark, Anna conducted research on cleantech in China with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland. Anna holds a MSocSc from Copenhagen Business School majoring in the Management of Creative Business Processes as well as a BSc in International Business and Economics from the University of Turku.

Basque Network of Technology Parks Experience


Organisation and Procurement Manager at the Basque Network of Technology Parks. Graduated in Economic Law from Deusto University in Bilbao.Aitor Elorduy joined the Parks Network in 2016 and is currently a member of the Steering Committee. He is involved in the deployment of the 2030 Agenda and its integration in the organisation’s strategy.

Aitor Elorduy
Nagore Lago


Economic-Financial Manager at Bizkaia Technology Park. Graduated in Business Administration and Management, specialising in Finance, from Deusto University and with a Master’s Degree in Auditing.Nagore Lago has been a member of the Basque Network of Technology Parks since 2018. Her areas of interest are social accounting and, in particular, the monetization of value to measure social impact and sustainability.

Closing conference


CEO of REPSOL. He has led the transformation process of Repsol, consolidated today as a global multi-energy company, a relevant player in the electricity and gas market in Spain, at the head of the development of sustainable solutions for mobility and with one of the most refining systems efficient in Europe. He graduated from the San Sebastián Faculty of Chemical Sciences with an Extraordinary End of Degree Award. He was also a visiting researcher at the Harvard Kennedy School in the United States. He began his professional career in the fields of research – he was sent by the INASMET Research Center to the French CETIM Technology Center, in Nantes – and the promotion of industrial (Mondragón Group) and business projects linked to the world of energy.

Josu Jon Imaz