Bilbao tourist map

What to see

Bilbao, a city that is an example worldwide of urban transformation and which has retained a culture and hallmarks that make it unique and special.

Where to eat

The best memory that many visitors have of their time in Bilbao is to do with those moments of pure pleasure when they sit down to eat in some the city’s restaurants.


From enjoying a sweet treat with the best patisserie or wearing the latest fashion to being equipped with the latest technology or shopping for antiques…

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Set off on the best routes by car or by public transport, taste the best local cuisine, enjoy an afternoon’s shopping, discover our culture or switch off in our natural parks and beaches.  



By air

Loiu airport
In addition to a number of Spanish carriers (including Iberia), the Bilbao Airport is served by carriers such as Lufthansa, Air France, Air Berlin, and Ryanair, and has direct flights from hubs including Madrid, Frankfurt, Munich, Paris, London, Brussels, and many Spanish cities.


Bizkaibus Line: A3247 Bilbao-Airport
The bus operates daily from 6:00 to midnight with services every 20 minutes, departing from the arrivals level at the airport and connecting with Bilbao Intermodal Bus Station.
Customer service and ticket desk are located on the arrivals floor. This bus makes three stops in the city centre, 14 Alameda Rekalde, Plaza Moyúa and at 74 Gran Vía (stop closest to the conference centre).
More information and rates:

By rail

A network of railway lines converges in Bilbao, making land transport a good option.

Bilbao-Abando railway station (Estación del Norte)
Plaza Circular, 2, 48001 – Bilbao
Cercanías commuter lines: C1, C2 and C3
Metro lines: 1/2
Tram: A


The taxis of the Federación Margen Derecha del Taxi operate at the Bilbao Airport 24-hours, every day. You can book a taxi in advance over the phone or using the form on the website.

For rates and booking, click here.

Note: Trips from the airport to the city centre cost approximately €21-26.

• Participants are responsible for managing their own travel arrangements, including costs.
• No shuttle service will be provided.
• Bilbao’s geographic location makes it a key hub for air and land transport links with great connections with the rest of the country and Europe.

Moving around the city

The compactness of the city undoubtedly enhances the charm of Bilbao. Moving around is not only easy and simple but also a comfortable and pleasant experience thanks to the modern and sustainable transport network.

One of the best underground systems in the world, frequent buses, trains and trams compose the widely recognised transport offer, connecting the key areas of Bilbao with the coast and the further outskirts.

Its size encourages pedestrians to walk around or even bike while they commute, enjoying the sight of different buildings and landscape of the city.